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4(f) Minor is a nonprofit providing education in entertainment arts.
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Educating the next GENERATION of ARTISTS for the Entertainment Arts Industries

Our Story

4(f) Minor is dedicated to creating an environment that encourages the pursuit and acquisition of the industry knowledge in the entertainment arts. 4(f) Minor is a provider of art education for all artists, with a particular interest in women and minorities – 4 (females) & minorities. In industries of entertainment art that employ less than 22% women and 10.4% minorities, 4(f) minor sees an opportunity to encourage and instruct those groups, further diversifying the industries. 4(f) Minor is committed to challenging and supporting all artists through workshops, industry panels and hosting local group meetings, and inspiring artistic growth through artist showcase.  

  • Traditional Art Training 65%
  • 3D Art Training 60%
  • Programs for Kids 45%
  • Therapy Programs 20%
  • Film Programs 40%


We have an opportunity to train the next generation of artist who will provide new digital art and content to the animation, game and film industries. Stories, through art, have always made a bigger impact than words. We read a book and imagine in our minds’ eye what the world could be like. Our artist will be able to communicate that through their art. We have networked with friends and colleagues currently working in the entertainment art industries who plan donate time to participate in our mission. Learning from industry professionals will ensure our artists are current and engaged with the industry and will be pipeline ready through experience. Whether a 4 hour or a 5 week workshop, we are committed to our mission and to all artists.

Education through Technology

Using the latest software and hardware keep us relevant and current with the industry.

Problem Solvers

We want to train our students to create and innovate.

Forward Thinking

We are paying attention to what the industry has to offer and try to consider what the needs will be.

Supporters of the Industry

Our goal is to train our students through our workshops to be pipeline ready.


In a time where almost every household owns at least one gaming systems as a form of entertainment, our young people are constantly exposed to violence and other negative subject matter. Why not use that technology for good? Why not use the skillset they already know to enhance their education in subjects that are often seen as difficult? We can create a level of fun and interactivity to improve students opportunity to retain that information through interactivity… a game.<BR>
4(f) Minor seeks to  improve learning at an early age to support the STEM and STEAM programs. The list of top countries in science and mathematics does not always include the United States. While these leading countries have developed new methods and educational delivery formats, the United States has been struggling to transition and keep up with how our children have evolved and therefore how their method of retaining information has evolved. 4(f) Minor seeks to be a partner in the solution to the problem and encourage interest and improve outcomes in these areas and thats where you come in.  By supporting the developing of these immersive educational experiences you can be at the forefront of securing our next leaders and ensure that the US is not left behind in generations to come.